We try to do our part to save our planet for our children and there are plenty of things we as a company can do that are even rather good investments. Our philosophy is to be better than the norms and regulations and we challenge other companies to do the same! Why not be environmental friendly when you do not have to give up any comfort and save money in the process?

To set off our energy use at the office, we are now officially and energy producer with a 43.000kWh solar panel installation. The installation is also scalable to meet future demands to charge electric cars for example.  Our production equals a saving of about 30 tons of CO2 per year or about 11.000 liters of diesel. 

The complete solar panel installation has a payback time of less than 10 years so being green is not necessarily a bad investment!  

We are investing in cars and light trucks that run on CNG, Compressed Natural Gas. CNG may be still be a fossil fuel, but it is far better than Diesel and Benzine when it comes to emissions. According to the CREG study: 75% to 90% less nitrogen oxide and fine particles, but also 7% to 16% less CO2 is emitted. This means that at the moment, CNG may well be the most environmental way of powering your car given that the production (and recycling) of batteries is not (yet) a very environmental friendly process. Furthermore, CNG gas power cars are also able to run with Bio gas which would make them CO2 neutral so this is a highly interesting way to power cars for the future.

K&W is a pioneer in sustainable living as we can offer affordable net energy neutral housing with a very high comfort of living with our Zero Energy House and soon to come Zero Energy Apartments. We have already finished a project with 16 of these houses in our Epinois project in Soignies and we are now busy with the bigger Heris project with 52 Zero Energy houses and where we will also introduce the Zero Energy Apartments. Our concept combines already existing techniques and technologies to make a cost efficient, high quality final product. We can compete with traditional constructions in price whilst offering much lower running costs and an even higher comfort of living.

More information about this can be found on: www.zeroenergyhouse.be and www.heris.be.