Soignies, Quartier Héris

QUARTIER HERIS is an innovative real estate project spread over 2,58 ha and consists of 52 Zero Energy houses, 120 apartments divided into 6 blocks and 1 elderly home with a capacity of 120 beds

Quartier Heris is an innovative real estate project on the grounds of the former blue stone cutter Hanuise. Our project reclaims this industrial ground as a residential area and it is ideally situated between the train station of Soignies and the beautiful Parc Pater along Rue de Trois Planches. Our project includes the creation of a road directly to the parking of the train station, allowing you to get there on foot in a matter of minutes and also allows you to reach the city center in just a few minutes more.  Heris was one of the first projects to fulfill enough ecologic and socio economic criteria to be considered as an Eco-District in Wallonia. Heris is designed for a mix of age groups from families with young children to the inhabitants of the Elderly home on site.